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From "Kedar, Shahar" <>
Subject [Axis2] - Bug in deployment
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 09:01:10 GMT


I think I found a bug in the Axis2 deployment mechanism. Looking at the
code of org.apache.axis2.deployment.RepositoryListener, it seems that if
there are no files under the services folder then Axis will not check
whether existing services were removed.


This is what I think is happening:

1.	The method that checks whether certain services were removed is
checkForUndeployedServices() under the WSInfoList class. This method
will check for changes only if the check boolean is set to TRUE.
2.	The check boolean is set to TRUE only by the addWSInfoItem()
method under the WSInfoList class. This method will be called by the
RepsitoryListener only if the file list of the services directory is not
empty. This means, that if I already have some service deployed, and I
decide the delete all the content of the services folder, those services
will remain deployed until Axis2 is restarted.


Any ideas how to bypass this bug (other than maintaining a dummy file
under the services folder)? Should I report this bug to the Axis2 team?



Shahar Kedar

Software AG Israel


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