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From "Xinjun Chen" <>
Subject [Axis2] Motivation of RESTful web services support
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 09:30:57 GMT

I read through the Axis2 documentation about RESTful support from

I have some questions here.

1. What's the motivation of RESTful web services support in Axis2? If
the efficiency the main motivation of REST spport?

2. If the client send a request in a RESTful way, will there be no
SOAP headers on the wire? Does this improve efficiency?

3. Since there is no SOAP headers, does it mean some features like
WS-Addressing support, WS-Security, and implementations of other Web
services specifications which depends on SOAP headers will be
automatically disabled? Will REST be really useful in business and
industry without security? Without the WS-Addressing, can we still
have another way to build and invoke stateful web services?

4. Why there is separation of SOAP web services and REST web services?
>From the explanation in the link, it seems that even if the client
invoke the web services in a RESTful way, at the server side, the
Axis2 engine still needs to construct SOAP Envelope, and then send the
message to the end web service. In this way, how does the client
invoke the web service should be transparent to the end web services.
And thus there should be no classification of SOAP web services or
REST web services. In stead, these two are only two invocation styles.
Is my understanding correct?

5. What's the real usage of REST style?



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