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From Alick Buckley <>
Subject RE: Newbie Question: Must Axis run in an App Server?
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:39:02 GMT
Hi Bob,
I have noticed that other people have asked about this type of scenario.
    Yet another embedded Axis question
    DIEGO Moreira da Rosa
    DATACOM - Diego []
I am using Axis 1.4 in a standalone mode that does not require an
Application Server
What follows is a very high level set of steps.
byte[] content = "the SOAP XML request UTF-8 encoded bytes"
Message requestMessage = new Message ( content ) ;
AxisServer engine = new AxisServer () ;
SOAPServerProvider requestProvider = new SOAPServerProvider () ; // This is
a custom class that extends
SOAPService service = new SOAPService ( requestProvider ) ;
service.setOption ( RPCProvider.OPTION_CLASSNAME, "com.acme.classname" ) ;
// This class has the methods and your code
service.setOption ( RPCProvider.OPTION_ALLOWEDMETHODS, "method1, method2"  )
; // Methods that are allowed to be used
service.setEngine ( engine ) ;
MessageContext requestContext = new MessageContext ( engine ) ;
requestContext.setService ( service ) ;

requestContext.setMaintainSession ( false ) ;
requestContext.setRequestMessage ( requestMessage ) ;
TypeMapping mapping = requestContext.getTypeMapping  () ;
engine.invoke ( requestContext ) ;
I needed to extend the RPC provider, but in your case just using RPCProvider
could be ok.
If you are using Beans you will need to register the bean serializers /
deserializers via the mapping.
I hope this gets you up and going

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From: []
Sent: Thursday, 31 August 2006 8:50 AM
Subject: Newbie Question: Must Axis run in an App Server?

Our company is embarking on implementation of a new architecture that is 
heavily message based. 

Much of the software components already exist, but do not use messaging. 
They are written in either C/C++ or Java.

Our goal is to use Web services (SOAP/WSDL) over JMS for internal 
messages.  However, we don't want to host all the applications on an app 
server (such as WLS, Tomcat, etc) due to complexity and cost reasons. 

I've been told that we could use Axis to manage the SOAP messages over JMS -

but all the Axis documentation I've read talks about installing it on an
application server

Is it possible to use Axis to receive SOAP messages and invoke the 
appropriate method, and return a response, without an app server?

Bob Kendall


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