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From "Prasad Chaudhari" <>
Subject SOAP with Attachments (SwA) with Axis2, problem.
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:03:30 GMT
Hi All,

My client is having axis1.x SOAP client, who sends a file, for which I am
suppose to write a Webservice. I have decided to use axis 2.0 for this

To get my axis 1.x SOAP client running with axis 2 SOAP Service, I was using
following tutorial.

It says.

"Axis2 Handles SwA messages at the inflow only. When Axis2 receives a SwA
message it extracts the binary attachment parts and puts a reference to
those parts in the Message Context."

I understood this as following, if I send the SOAP message with attachment
using axis1.x client to the axis2 webservice. Axis2 will extract the binary
attachment and put an element into the xml like

<source href="cid:3936AE19FBED55AE4620B81C73BDD76E" xmlns="/>

and I can retrive this attachment from MessageContext.

But it does not work. The OMElement which I receive as a parameter to my
serviceMethod do not have this source element into it.  If I use following
code given in tutorial.

public OMElement echoAttachment(OMElement omEle) {
        OMElement child = (OMElement) omEle.getFirstOMChild(); or
OMElement child = element.getFirstChildWithName(new QName("source"));
        OMAttribute attr = child.getAttribute(new QName("href"));
        String contentID = attr.getAttributeValue();

Child element is always null(in case of both statements from the code

Can somebody help me here.  Tutorial says above code has been tested with
axis1.x can somebody send me the test client in axis 1.x.

Thanks in advance.

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