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From Paul Ashton <>
Subject Re: Axis2.x release date?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 23:27:59 GMT
M. Goodell wrote:
> Hello,
> The recent feedback I solicited regarding which version of Axis to use 
> within a production environment overwhelmingly points to Axis 1.x 
> and not Axis2.x
> With that in mind, the next question is:
> When will the newest release of Axis2 be available?
> Also, is there any development on Axis 1.x still in progress? Bug fixes etc.
> Thanks,
> M Goodell


We are using Axis to provide access from Java to a web service written
in .Net, so the comments below apply only to the client portions of Axis.
We started off using Axis 1.3, but it proved to be too slow and too memory
hungry to support the volume of web service calls we needed to support.
We then switched to Axis 2 (0.92), and have been using that in production
with few problems (speed and memory overhead are a big step up from
Axis 1.3).

I'm using Axis 2 1.0 currently in development.

One thing I wonder about the release process is this.  Version 1.0 of Axis 2
was supposed to support changes to socket timeouts for web service
requests.  The feature was broken in the release, and subsequently
patched in the nightly build.  This was no use to me for production
systems as I don't want to run a production system on a nightly
build, so I am having to wait for 1.1.  Has any thought been given
to having sub-releases of the latest release version that contain
major bug fixes (I would have loved a 1.0.01 release that contained
the timeout fix).

Cheers, Paul.

  We started
Paul Ashton
iCom Project Leader
Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 3669669
Fax: +64 3 3791091

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