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From Peter Wilkes <>
Subject Axis2 authenticating with IIS/Active Directory
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:19:20 GMT

	first time poster. ^_^ please forgive me.

i'm trying to use Axis2 to connect a Java client to a .NET service running
on IIS.  if i don't require authentication i have no problem however my
group would like to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to only
allow users within a specific group access to our website.  i've looked
into axis2 and other avenues and are slightly confused.

i've looked into kerberos and have code that will give me a kerberos token
to my java client from the active directory.  what i am looking to do is
either give that token to axis2 and have it authenticate with the IIS
website or use that token somehow to get credientals axis could use to
authenticate with the IIS server.

has anyone had any success with this?

we are taking our application in steps also. so if possible i'd like to
use a popup to ask the user form their username/password and use that to
authenticate with the IIS/AD. then if possible move to the single sign-on
approach. however we don't want to put the username/password into a text
file.  we dont have a problem prompting for it however don't want to put
it in a xml/txt file.

does anyone have an example that would show how to at runtime configure
Axis2 to use a CommonHTTPTransportSender to use NT Authentication and
allow us to set the username and password all at runtime?

thank you very much for any assistance you can provide.


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