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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject Re: Cannot work with Axis2 - URGENT - A quick list of lessons learnt
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 18:17:52 GMT
You are welcome!

-- dims

On 8/8/06,
<> wrote:
> Preface
> I have a simple application which does nothing more than Insert, Update,
> Delete, Select from the Oracle database.
> Its a J2EE application where
> Front End : Struts 1.2, JSP etc.
> Middle Layer - Business Delegates, Service Locator, Value objects etc.
> Data Access Layer - iBATIS
> The application is deployed in Tomcat 5 and I use myeclipse to build my
> applications.
> My Requirement - Axis2 comes into play
> My new requirement is to build a web services layer on top of this
> application. So that all those magic Selects, Inserts, Updates and Deletes
> can be done via other interfaces.
> Hence I chose to use Axis2 to accomplish the task.
> My attempt
> I am new to Axis2 and web services.
> I wanted to use a select, and write a simple servlet to invoke this web
> service. This is what I did.
> 1. I had wrote the wsdl file manually.
> 2. I am using the nightly build of 08/07/2006. I am seeing some email about
> broken build. But I am not facing any problem.
>         - First doubt was, which jars to use, one from bin-min or bin-std. I
> decided to use the 24 jars inside bin-min.
> 3. First mistake done and a major one. Do not use the eclipse plug-in tool
> for code generation. Use the commandline tool that is packaged inside the
> nightly build. Thanks Dims for the information (don't know how many times I
> am going to thank this guy)
> 4. Update the My*Skeleton code to call my delegate which in turn calls the
> iBATIS layer (my DAO classes) to get the information from the database.
> Convert the object to one for the return type.
> 5. I export the java project from eclipse as a jar file and rename it to
> .aar. Short, simple and works for dev purposes. Next mistake made here -
> Never put the axis2 distribution jar files inside the .aar file. Put them in
> the WEB-INF/lib. This is also identified and prompted by Dims. Thanks again.
> 6. So now, where do I put my iBATIS jars and log4j jars (there could be
> more). Create a directory "lib" inside the .aar and place them inside it.
> Basically I created a folder "lib" at the root of my eclipse java project
> and placed all these jars in there.
> 7. Now deploy this .aar in Axis2. Check out the services to confirm all is
> golden.
> 8. Now I took the same wsdl file as if I am a client and have no whereabouts
> of the webservice. Now I want to write a servlet in my webapp, one in my
> world, who knows nothing of the above. First I generated only the client
> code using the WSDL2Java commandline tool and this wsdl file. Yes, I am
> writing an axis2 client. This created just one My* All other
> required classes are created as inner classes. How can I make the tool
> create separate java files rather than all these inner classes?
> 9. Now from the servlet I call this stub and the method and hope to get a
> response. This took me 2 days and I could have done nothing without Dims who
> removed the major road blocks (you were great! Thanks again!!!).
> 10. When you are returning an object, then make sure to populate all the
> fields of the object. I was asking Dims, whether there is any default rule
> in Axis2. Well, I think we should take care of this in the middle layer
> business logic, and the onus should not be on Axis2.
> 11. In my application, I had all my iBATIS and other config xml and
> properties under a xml folder and they were placed in the .aar accordingly.
> But the regular release has a classpath issue because of which it fails to
> find and load the properties. This was also pointed out by Dims and he fixed
> it and was available in the nightly build. Thanks again.
> 12. So, make sure you are using the nightly build if you have a similar
> structure as mine, Make sure you run the wsdl2java again (don't mix and
> match old generated code with new jars or vice versa).
>  Make sure you thoroughly check all the jars that are in your environment.
> It's very easy to mix jars and not know about it - These are all words from
> Dims, I am putting it here again. Thanks!.
> Hope it helps and again big thanks for the apache group and especially Dims.
> Thanks
> Debasish
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