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Subject saaj, jaxrpc, wsdl4j licenses
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 17:34:15 GMT
axis gurus,

axis (1.2.1) ships with the apache 2 license, which should cover many of the libraries included
with axis (axis.jar, log4j, commons-*).  i'm trying to track down the licenses for jaxrpc,
saaj, and wsdl4j so i can ship these jars and their licenses with a commercial product.  i
couldn't find these licenses with my 1.2.1 binary distribution (or the 1.4 distribution).

from what i've found on the web, wsdl4j is licensed under the CPL (so says,
jaxrpc is licensed under sun's BCL (so says license displayed when clicking Java API for XML-Based
RPC (JAX-RPC) JAR with API Class Files 1.1 Download on
 i've had trouble finding the saaj version included with axis (1.2) on sun's web site (i see
1.3 only on sun's site).  the sun license i found for saaj 1.3 (by clicking For Implementation
Use Download link on appears more appropriate
for the specification itself, not the jar.  is this the appropriate license for saaj included
with axis?

is there a reason the license files are not included with the axis distribution?  that would
seem to be simplest (at least for me as a consumer).  it's not always easy to find where the
original library came from and/or find the license file associated with that specific version
of the library.



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