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From "Bhatra, Junaid" <>
Subject RE: Axis1 style="message" in Axis2?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 16:26:21 GMT
I ran into the same problem some time back in which I wanted Axis 1.x
"message" style behavior in Axis 2 in order to dispatch to non-standard
Java objects. I ended up using a work-around involving SOAPAction since
Axis 2 contains an action-based dispatcher. So every operation defined
in my WSDL specified the same SOAPAction value equal to my service
method name. I was using RawXMLMessageReceiver with a single method.
Note that I was using WSDL 1.1/SOAP 1.1. I haven't tried this with SOAP
1.2/WSDL 2.0, which does not have SOAPAction, although it does make use
of an action parameter with exactly the same semantics. I'm guessing you
could do the same using wsa:Action header as well.


It would definitely be nice though to have a wildcard <actionMapping>
with Axis 1.x "message" style semantics instead of having to work-around
this problem.


 - Junaid



From: David Melgar [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: Axis1 style="message" in Axis2?


Setting the message receiver to RawXMLMessageReceiver still appears to
require <actionMapping> to determine which method to invoke. In axis1,
the specified method would receive all messages for that service.
Equivalent behavior should be available in axis2 regardless of the value
of the wsa:Action header. 

To further clarrify, the service I'm writing bridges between webservices
and a non-Java object invocation mechanism. It dynamically determines
what operations are allowed. This services does not know at deployment
time what operations are possible. I therefore don't know all the
wsa:Action header values that it might be included in request messages.
Therefore I cannot declare <actionMapping> values in the service
deployment descriptor. In case you're wondering, this service also
dynamically generates WSDL to describe the discovered supported

Is there a way to wildcard <actionMapping> to say that any action maps
to a method? Or to avoid the requirement for specifying an actionMapping
if RawXMLMessageReceiver is used. 

Are there other approaches that could be used? 

"Anne Thomas Manes" <> 

07/25/2006 02:06 PM 

Please respond to





Re: Axis1 style="message" in Axis2?




Use the RawXMLMessageReceiver.

On 7/25/06, David Melgar <> wrote:
> I need to implement a message style web service in Axis2. In Axis1
> this would be a web service declared with
> <service name=xxx style="message">
> How do I declare the equivalent web service in Axis2? In addition, I
> expect that WS-Addressing headers will be sent and received. From
> the Axis2 documentation, it looks like the <actionMapping> element is
> to map an action header value to an operation name. In my case I want
> to always send me the body of the message. I do not want Axis2 to try
> determine which operation is being invoked, I want it to send the
message to
> a specific method all the time, as a message style service did in
> I'm doing this because my service is mapping web service invocations
> operations to another form of invocation on non-Java objects.
> Thanks

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