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From "Jansen Werner" <>
Subject Beanserializers and Namespaces (Axis1 1.3)
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 10:56:26 GMT
Hi everybody,

I still have this open issue with Axis concerning BeanSerializers and
namespaces. Classes serialized with this serializer do not have a
namespace associated to their elements (=properties) and I don't why and
- what's even more important - how to make the BeanSerializer use the

There is a simple class, UserInfo for example. It only consists of two
"properties", userName and userDescription that are accessible via the
standard getter/setter pairs. The parameterless default constructor is
present as well.

Since this class is so simple, I decided to serialize it using

(call is an axis client call object)

        new QName(Constants.PRS_NAMESPACE_URI, "UserInfo"), 
        new BeanSerializerFactory(UserInfo.class, 
              new QName(Constants.PRS_NAMESPACE_URI, "UserInfo")),
        new BeanDeserializerFactory(UserInfo.class, 
              new QName(Constants.PRS_NAMESPACE_URI, "UserInfo")));

A call to the Web Service, however does not look like I expected it to
be. This is what goes over the wire (abbreviated):

<ns1:UserInfo xmlns:ns1="....">

The XML tag corresponding to the serialized class has its namespace, but
not the properties of the serialized tags (i.e. the tags below
<ns1:UserInfo />). 

Where's my mistake? What do I miss?

Thanks in advance,


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