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From "Veprinsky, Michael" <>
Subject Re: Using factory to instantiate service object
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 17:16:21 GMT
I am not sure this message will be added to the thread...

I don't think I understand your reply. If you were pointing out an
example of handler, thank you. However, the problem is that I don't know
if handlers can be used for what I need (my current understanding is
that they cannot). It seems that handlers work in dispatch model, where
main flow invokes handlers and this enables pre- and post-processing but
not interception. What I need is a filter (as in servlet specification
filters) or a Proxy (as in java.lang.reflect.Proxy) between AxisServlet
and my service object to capture and translate exceptions. Not sure if
this makes much sense :-\

Basically, in Proxy I would have an InvokationHandler and in it I would
public Object invoke(...)
	method.invoke(mylocalclasswithouthanling, params);
}catch(Throwable ex){
	... (process and convert throwable)
	throw new AxisFault(...);

Last note: Filter is really mentioned just as an example, it's not
usable in the context since it would be hit after all
serialization/deserialization was done. In order to process exceptions
there I would have to parse XML - does not make much sense.

Words can never express what words can never express
                          -- /usr/bin/fortune

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