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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: AW: [axis2] Setting realtesTo() leads to Exception while sending
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 10:19:27 GMT
Hi Ted (donnerdrummel), wrote:
> Hi Eran,
> So, there is an other 'problem' now and maybe you can give me an answer (wich will bring
me a big time affort not walking through all the code and debugging it): the Fault wich is
created now is, that the system is not able to correlate the message I send (wich is not a
failure cause  the id i used for testing is a randomized one). My question about it is: is
it possible to have an entry to a service operation with an in-only mep to provide it a id
from a message wich was sent via an other endpoint of the system?

When Axis2 receives a message with a relatesTo id, it always tries to
relate that message to another message in the same *operation context*.
It will not search for other operation contexts, as operation context
always models a single MEP.

At least this is how we interpreted the meaning/usage of relatesTo
within Axis2.

But if you really wanna do this, in the server side, simply use a
handler which can do that. But remember Axis2 garbage collects operation
contexts, when they are finished.


-- Chinthaka

> Thanks a lot!
> Ted

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