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From "Alice Barsse" <>
Subject Writing a custom serializer for Axis
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 10:07:03 GMT

(I had posted this to more than a month ago,
with absolutely no success...hoping someone can answer this here.)

Can anyone point me to documentation explaining how to write a custom
serializer for Axis in Java ?

I need to write a serializer to handle data that contains a
"xsd:choice" construct...I'm using axis 1.2.1, and the generated stub
code does not handle the choice at all (as expected after consulting
the Axis homepage).

I have found some "examples" but they consist in tons of raw code and
don't explain choices made in the deployment descriptor (WSDD file)
for namespaces and such, what is optional (do I really need to write a
deserializer if it's not used ?, can Serializer.writeSchema() return
null ?), nor how the serializer is called (serializer directly called,
or only factory ?).

In theory writing the custom serializer seems simple : I can write a
Serializer that returns a string-format XML document representing my
object, but I don't see how to feed this into the Axis architecture.


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