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From "hank williams" <>
Subject getting started help
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 14:31:12 GMT
I am developing an application for which I was intending to use a
different RPC strategy for use with a flash application. Unfortunately
the company (adobe/macromedia) has abandoned their "remoting"
technology for allowing flash to access java pojos. Now if you want a
decent solution you have to spend 6k or 20k for their "new

So now I need to use something else. Flash supports web services, so
this seems like a choice, but it is 150 times harder than their old
solution and I am overwhelmed. All of the documentation seems
circular, where in order to understand A you must understand B and to
understand B you must understand C and D etc. - couldnt they make this
easier :).

Anyway, I love the idea of jws, but it seems like the designers didnt
think it was a good idea to make things too simple because when you
read about it they immediately discourage its use.

But I am stubborn and would at least like to try to use jws, but I
cant seem to find any detailed documentation on what it will or wont
do - (great way to discourage use but I am persistent!).  That
calculator example in the docs for jws is great, but, for example how
would I send a table of information for populating a dataGrid? For
example, will it convert an Array, or an ArrayList of objects?

And I would love a more detailed explanation of what jws *wont* do
that I will really need. I am hoping that the designers visions of
what is necessary is just much grander than what I need and that it
would actually be fine. Because the learning curve for this stuff,
particularly for a project that is at the end of its development cycle
- not the beginning - is steep. This is seeming super painful.


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