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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: Axis2 Head ache, Disappointment
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 19:26:47 GMT
You can see the all of the parameters if you run Java2WSDL at command line

java org.apache.axis.wsdl.Java2WSDL
The <class-of-portType> was not specified.
Java2WSDL emitter
Usage: java org.apache.axis.wsdl.Java2WSDL [options] class-of-portType
        -h, --help
                print this message and exit
        -I, --input <argument>
                input WSDL filename
        -o, --output <argument>
                output WSDL filename
        -l, --location <argument>
                service location url
        -P, --portTypeName <argument>
                portType name (obtained from class-of-portType if not specif
        -b, --bindingName <argument>
                binding name (--servicePortName value + "SOAPBinding" if not
        -S, --serviceElementName <argument>
                service element name (defaults to --servicePortName value +
        -s, --servicePortName <argument>
                service port name (obtained from --location if not specified
        -n, --namespace <argument>
                target namespace
        -p, --PkgtoNS <argument>=<value>
                package=namespace, name value pairs
        -m, --methods <argument>
                space or comma separated list of methods to export
        -a, --all
                look for allowed methods in inherited class
        -w, --outputWsdlMode <argument>
                output WSDL mode: All, Interface, Implementation
        -L, --locationImport <argument>
                location of interface wsdl
        -N, --namespaceImpl <argument>
                target namespace for implementation wsdl
        -O, --outputImpl <argument>
                output Implementation WSDL filename, setting this causes --o
                utputWsdlMode to be ignored
        -i, --implClass <argument>
                optional class that contains implementation of methods in cl
                ass-of-portType.  The debug information in the class is used
                 to obtain the method parameter names, which are used to set
                 the WSDL part names.
        -x, --exclude <argument>
                space or comma separated list of methods not to export
        -c, --stopClasses <argument>
                space or comma separated list of class names which will stop
                 inheritance search if --all switch is given
        -T, --typeMappingVersion <argument>
                indicate 1.1 or 1.2.  The default is 1.1 (SOAP 1.1 JAX-RPC c
                ompliant  1.2 indicates SOAP 1.1 encoded.)
        -A, --soapAction <argument>
                value of the operation's soapAction field. Values are DEFAUL
                T, OPERATION or NONE. OPERATION forces soapAction to the nam
                e of the operation.  DEFAULT causes the soapAction to be set
                 according to the operation's meta data (usually "").  NONE
                forces the soapAction to "".  The default is DEFAULT.
        -y, --style <argument>
                The style of binding in the WSDL, either DOCUMENT, RPC, or W
        -u, --use <argument>
                The use of items in the binding, either LITERAL or ENCODED
        -e, --extraClasses <argument>
                A space or comma separated list of class names to be added t
                o the type section.
        -C, --importSchema
                A file or URL to an XML Schema that should be physically imp
                orted into the generated WSDL
        -X, --classpath
                additional classpath elements
        -d, --deploy
                generate wsdd and java classes for deploying
   portType element name= <--portTypeName value> OR <class-of-portType name>
   binding  element name= <--bindingName value> OR <--servicePortName value>Soap
   service  element name= <--serviceElementName value> OR <--portTypeName value>
   port     element name= <--servicePortName value>
   address location     = <--location value>

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  From: knly browne 
  Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 2:53 PM
  Subject: Re: Axis2 Head ache, Disappointment

  Thank you very much

  On 6/14/06, Ajith Ranabahu <> wrote:
    AFAIR there is a Java2WSDL main class that can be invoked through the
    commandline (which is shipped with the 1.0 distribution).
    As for the documentation I am sad to say there is none so far for the
    commandline tool (there is the help for the Eclipse plugin but sadly 
    you are not an Eclipse fan). We are working on it and hopefully we can
    have it ready for the upcoming 1.1 release.


    On 6/14/06, knly browne < > wrote:
    > good day awl, I have a few questions, What, who, when, where, why and how do
    > i find documentation on the use of java2WSDL for Axis2 1.0?
    > NO I don't Use Eclipse IDE and NO I don't use Intelli j IDE 
    > It seems that deploying the WSDL along with the webservice is required as of
    > Axis2 1.0 but there is NO documentation showing how to generate the WSDL
    > using java2WSDL
    > hmph another Point to the axis team 
    > --
    > K Browne
    > Software Developer

    Ajith Ranabahu

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