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From "David J. Kordsmeier" <>
Subject Axis Stripping CRLF from SOAPMessage body?
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 19:06:26 GMT

I've gone around in circles on this and I expect I am missing something.
When I send a request, the XML in the message body is missing a CRLF between
elements.  Is there a way to force axis to insert the CRLF between
elements?  Or am I stuck with doing something like creating a message body
from an inputstream with proper formatting.  While I understand XML is just
XML with or without the CRLF between elements, the MIME parser I am dealing
with on the service endpoint, for a larger message body + attachments, is
having problems processing the body as one long line.  I'm using Axis 1.2 on
a mac.   Any thoughts, corrections of any misguided ideas, or workarounds
would be appreciated.  I doubt this is a bug and I really hope I've just
come up against the upper bounds of my axis knowledge.

For example (using the most basic message possible):

msgfac = MessageFactory.newInstance();
soapMessage = msgfac.createMessage();
soapFactory = SOAPFactory.newInstance();
connectionFactory = SOAPConnectionFactory.newInstance();
connection = connectionFactory.createConnection ();
response =, "http://localhost:8080/myservice");

produces a message body that looks like this (note, no CRLF between
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="



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