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From Javier Ramos <>
Subject Configure axis client to return logged response instead of connecting to remote service port
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 15:51:44 GMT
Hi everybody,

I was wondering if someone has faced the same need that I have now...

I have some code that makes use of information retrieved via a web 
service client, and then does some processing on this information.
This application logs in files every request and response that the web 
service client exchanges with the remote endpoint.
I need to debug some problems in the logic that processes the received 

To do this, I need to get exactly the same response in my client that 
created the problems.
Now, it is not always possible to contact the provider of this web 
service to have them create the same conditions in their application 
that generated a given response.
Responses depend on current date and time, product inventories... etc.

What I need is to tell my web service client to generate the object 
structure that represents the response using the data in a local file ( 
one of the logged responses, which I know created the issue  ), instead 
of going to the remote endpoint to obtain it.

I am sure someone out there has faced a very similar need...
A feature like this can save a huge amount of debugging time for complex 
applications that make use of web services clients...

I am using axis 1.2.1 as the client runtime.

Does anybody have any experience / ideas about this ?

I would be very glad if you could share them...

Thanks in advance for replies,

Javier Ramos

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