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From "Seak, Teng-Fong" <>
Subject Re: How to make Axis use Tomcat's compiler?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 08:40:34 GMT
    Still no answer?  Are Axis's developers reading this mailing-list?

Seak, Teng-Fong wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>   I don't know if this post would be considered off-topic; I've posted 
> it to Tomcat several days ago but without any answer.
>   I'm trying to use Web service in Tomcat, ie with Axis.  I've read 
> and followed the install guide and user guide:
>   Everything's OK, except one thing:
> Axis needs tools.jar to compile JWS on the fly.  For the moment, I've 
> got the tools.jar from a JDK 1.5 and put it in the library folder to 
> make Axis compile.  So, anyone knows if it's possible to make Axis use 
> Tomcat's compiler (ie the one used in Eclipse, if I'm not mistaken) 
> and how?
>   By the way, the docs for Axis are too old; they're still using 
> Tomcat 4 as reference!  Furthermore, the docs just say Axis needs 
> Java2, but no clear mention if JRE is enough. I mean, Tomcat only 
> needs JRE whereas tools.jar could only be found in JDK.  So, JRE or JDK?
>   TIA
>   STF

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