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From "Jim Bender" <>
Subject I am ready to create a new JIRA issue
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 21:51:44 GMT
Unless someone can give a good explanation why I should not, I will
create a new JIRA issue about what I am seeing when trying to use a generated
stub in my test client:

Caught Throwable exception in runPointsCalculator:

	at testexamples.types.PointsCalculatorStub.toOM(
	at testexamples.types.PointsCalculatorStub.toEnvelope(
	at testexamples.types.PointsCalculatorStub.calculatePoints(

I am using today's daily build: 23/06/2006.
I used it to produce a new WSDL file (although the bug that is
documented by my other JIRA ticket for the duplicate complex type
definition means that I must hand edit the file to remove the
duplicate definition).
After doing that, I ran the WSDL2Java, updated the generated skeleton,
and then tested with Embedded Tomcat 5.5. While invoking the web
service operation on the stub, the exception is thrown by the

What I am doing works without a problem in Axis2 0.93, for the same
Java interface.
The only difference is that Axis2 0.93 generates a valid WSDL file,
without a problem.



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