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From "Gordon, Gary" <>
Subject unable to turn off Axiom caching in client
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:04:23 GMT
I saw a similar post regarding the server side, but in looking at all
the documentation and samples, I cannot figure out how to write a client
that doesn't build the whole OM object tree for the payload.  If I set
caching to false:


public OMElement getPayload(InputStream is) throws XMLStreamException {

    XMLInputFactory xif = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();

    XMLStreamReader reader = xif.createXMLStreamReader(is);

    StAXOMBuilder builder = new StAXOMBuilder(reader);


    OMElement oe = builder.getDocumentElement();

    return oe;


then the client side code goes into an infinite loop trying to get the
document element.  This is caused by the following sequence of calls in
Axiom, wherein the document element is never set to a non-null value
because caching is on.



public OMElement getOMDocumentElement() {

  while (documentElement == null) {;


  return documentElement;




public int next() throws OMException {

  try {

    if (done) {

      throw new OMException();


    int token =;

    if (!cache) {

      return token;





Now if I comment out the call to turn off caching, Axiom merrily goes
along and builds the entire OM tree, so I run out of memory for large
documents.  This is because


OMElement result = sender.sendReceive(payload);


eventually calls:



which eventually leads to:



Which causes the whole tree to be rendered as OMObjects.  For the
previous server-side question the Axis person suggested looking at the
OMDatasource test code, but looking at this seemed to yield nothing
relevant unless I'm missing something.


Any suggestions on how to efficiently handle a large client-side payload
using Axiom?  Is this a bug that should be submitted?



Gary Gordon


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