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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2][1.0] interop with .NET
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 19:33:07 GMT
.NET 1.0 has a bug in that if the schema doesn't specify the
elementFormDefault attribute, it defaults to "qualified" (opposite of XML
Schema rules). The problem only occurs if the attribute isn't specified. (
e.g., if you specify elementFormDefault="unqualified", .NET will handle it
properly). Therefore, to interoperate with .NET, the schema must specify the
elementFormDefault attribute. Previous versions of Axis specify
elementFromDefault="qualified" by default.

I just scanned through the WS-I Basic Profile, and I found no rules or
recommendations to specify "unqualified". It does indication that the child
element of the <soap:Body> should be qualified, and it states that the child
elements of <soap:Fault> must be unqualified, but I see no recommendation
for elementFormDefault="unqualified". IMO, such a recommendation would be
inappropriate. I view it as a schema design decision.

In any case, my recommendation is that Axis2 should always generate the
elementFormDefault attribute -- whether it's qualified or unqualified.


On 5/19/06, Kinichiro Inoguchi <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm testing to call Axis2 service from .NET client.
> When I used Axis2 0.95, I could do that,
> but after upgrade to Axis2 1.0, I can't.
> .NET client can sends request message to Axis2
> service,
> and Axis2 service receives that and sends response
> message to .NET client.
> I saw actual in/out XML messages with TCPMon 1.0.
> Though, .NET client got 'Nothing' object as response.
> But, I changed 'elementFormDefault' of WSDL schema to
> 'qualified', and re-generated .NET proxy code,
> .NET client got response successfully !!
> It seems elementFormDefault="qualified" was default
> generated WSDL settings at 0.95.
> With 1.0 elementFormDefault="unqualified" seems
> default.
> I saw WS-I recommend "unqualified",
> so I'd like to verify "unqualified", too.
> Does anyone succeed interop test between Axis2 1.0
> and .NET with WSDL elementFormDefault="unqualified" ?
> Thanks,
> kinichiro
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