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Subject [Axis2] Providing custom WSDL
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 16:17:01 GMT

Hi all,

I'm deploying my Web Service using the RawXMLINOutMessageReceiver and
providing my own WSDL in the META-INF folder. However the WSDL that is
returned from the ?wsdl URL is different than the original one,
specifically the <wsdl:binding> and <wsdl:service> portions are changed.
What is the rationale behind this? I can see that 2 additional bindings
have been added, SOAP12 as well as REST. However I see a couple of

1) The <soap:body> element specifies a namespace even though it is a
doc/literal binding. This is disallowed explicitly by the WS-I Basic
Profile 1.1

2) The bigger issue though is the endpoint addresses. I'm integrating Axis2
webapp within my larger application (EAR) and would like to use a different
webapp context than 'axis2'. However the endpoint addresses in the
generated WSDL have axis2 hard-coded in them & are of the form

even though my Web Service is deployed at a different URL and the original
WSDL that I provided had the correct endpoint address

- Junaid

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