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Subject Strange Codegen for RPC
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 17:07:55 GMT
I have a wsdl that I have written that describes an rpc style web service. 
 When I generate the code using WSDL2Java I get some strange results.  Or 
at least it looks strange to me.  the first thing I notice is that I get 
the following classes:

Item - This represents the complex type I have defined in the WSDL.
Item0 - This seems to be a wrapper class that just has a setItem and 
getItem method
ItemManagerServiceStub - has a createItem method that takes and Item0

This seems odd to me, I would have expected to see the 
ItemManagerServiceStub class to have a method called createItem( Item 
param1 ).  Meaning that the client could create a Item object and submit 
it to the service without having to wrap it in an Item0 object first.  If 
there is a way to achieve this I would like to know how.

Another thing I noticed is that in the ItemManagerServiceStub class that I 
have submitted I see the following code:
    //Style is Doc.
    env = 
param2, optimizeContent(new javax.xml.namespace.QName("", "createItem")));
This seems strange because the comment says style is doc, when I have set 
the style to rpc.  This code was in the createItem method.

Basically, it just doesn't look like I am really getting a client that 
looks like a RPC client.  The generated API that uses the Item0 class and 
the //Style is Doc comment are both making me suspicious.  Just want to 
know if I am looking at a defect and/or if there is a way to get what I 
want.  Thanks

Michael MacFadden
Tomax Corp -

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