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From "Jilles van Gurp" <>
Subject axis2: using jndi datasource/hibernate
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 06:51:16 GMT

I'm currently exploring axis2. I am developing a web service that includes a 
few pojos that persist to a hibernate datalayer. Currently I am using the 
tomcat db connection pool and I was wondering at what is the recommended 
practice for configuring all this as a nice aar.

What I would prefer not to do is make any modifications to the axis2 web 
application. However, currently I see no other way of doing this:
- I need to enable the hibernate listener somewhere, the axis2 web.xml seems 
the only place to do that.
- I need to provide a context.xml with the jndi datasource: the axis2 
META-INF directory seems the place to put it.
- hibernate libraries need to be available for the service container so I 
need to add libraries to the WEB-INF/lib directory.
- the mysql jdbc driver needs to be available to tomcat, common/lib is the 
place to put it

In other words I am putting files all over the place to achieve an extremely 
simple use case (simple database connectivity).

Is there an alternative to this or do I need to break encapsulation here and 
modify the container to deploy my web service? In practice this is what I do 
for axis1: all my services come with a customized service container based on 
the axis1 web application. Effectively my unit of deployment is a war file. 
I see myself ending up doing exactly the same for axis2 now even though the 
intention of the whole aar thing seems to be not to do that.

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