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From "Xinjun Chen" <>
Subject Re: [Axis 1.4] No deserializer for anyType
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 15:02:19 GMT

The following two articles may help you to understand your problem. To put
it simple, the service style matters significantly!
First one is Anne's explanation on RPC style and document style.,289625,sid26_cid494324_tax289201,00.html

The second one is from IBM developerworks. It describes the service style
and encoding very clearly.

For your problem, when you are using RPC style, the anyType works because in
your request message, the actual xsd type is specify and attached in the
request message. The server side relies on your request message (the acutal
xsd type, say xsd:string, not xsd:anyType) to deserialize your XML into java
object. However, in document style, the deserialization of request message
is based on a schema. This is a contract agreed upon between the service
client and the service provider. The representation of this agreement is the
<definitions>/<types>/<schema> in the service's WSDL file.
When you use RPC style, the server side try to find a deserializer for
xsd:string or other type specified in the request message to deserialize
your request message. When you switch from RPC style to Document style, the
server side will try to find a deserializer for xsd:anyType from typemapping
registry to deserialize the request message. However, you didn't specify any
serializer/deserializer for xsd:anyType, that's why you get that Exception.

Therefore, Anne suggest you use DOM object, say org.w3c.Document.

Hope this clear your doubts.


On 5/29/06, Adnene <> wrote:
> Thank you Anne For your quick answer,
> Since I am new with Axis and SOAP, do you have any reference or
> documentation to point me to, so I can find out the way to tell Axis how
> to
> process this information?
> An example would of a great help for me.
> Thank you again for precious help,
> Adnene
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