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From Martin Wunderlich <>
Subject Re[2]: Problems deploying with AdminClient
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 09:53:33 GMT
And at last I seem to found the reason for the disappearing web
service, albeit not the root cause. This post here gave me the idea
of checking the file WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd. And indeed, there was
no description of the deployed service at all! So, I copied over a
backup copy of this file, restartet the server and everything's working fine again.
I have
no idea, why the service description disappeared in the first place.
Might be related to the auto-deployment of the web-app using



> Testing a bit more I was able to successfully deploy a different web service to a
> different location on the same Tomcat installation. Then I copied all
> the resources to a new project (in Eclipse), which I deployed to a new
> web-app and things seem to work there. So, at least I
> have the problem limited down now to the original service that I
> wanted to deploy. Still, it's puzzling...

> In the process, I happened to notice that the SOAPMonitor tool can
> only be used, if Tomcat is installed on port 8080. Is there a way to
> change the port to 80? It reverts back to 8080, even if I call the
> SOAPMonitor with http://localhost/....

> Cheers,

> Martin

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