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From Thom Hehl <>
Subject Compression proprosal
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 19:21:49 GMT
We're using Axis-java 1.3. I have a project to compress the SOAP 
payload. I was thinking it would be better to compress the entire SOAP 
envelope. How would I do this?

At some point, invoke is probably using and sending data in and 
out through some kind of input stream. I would like to have axis look at 
startup for certain classes that I feed it as subclasses of 
FilterInputStream and FilterOutputStream. They would wrap these around 
the InputStream and OutputStream currently communicating with the 
sockets. THis would allow fast cheap and easy implementation of 
compression of the entire SOAP envelope, speeding along the process with 
VERY low impact to the axis code base itself.

These streams would be specified in the configuration file or using 
system properties and would be bound at run time using reflection.

I would be interested in hearing any opinions about this.

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