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From Rajeev Gupta <Rajeev.Gu...@Sun.COM>
Subject Apache 1.3+ Question (possible bug)
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 22:10:11 GMT
  Hi There,

I am seeing this weird behavior with Axis 1.3 (and also Axis 1.4), where 
my client stubs are not generated correctly.

I have the following complex type in my WSDL file:

<complexType name="IDSessionData">
        <element name="eSessionIdentifier" type="string" nillable="true"/>
        <element name="sessionIdentifier" type="string" nillable="true"/>
        <element name="userProfile" type="tns:IDUserProfile" 

<complexType name="IDUserProfile">
           <element name="profileAttributes" type="tns:IDUserAttribute" 
nillable="true" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

Axis is not generating IDUserProfile class file on the client side at 
all. It's generating IDSessionData with an array of IDUserAttribute 
directly - looks like it's trying to optimize something.... or thinking 
of IDUserPrifile as an element. When I send a soapRequest with 
IDUserAttribute array as part of IDSessionData, the server doesn't 
understand that - which is obvious.

Any idea why this is happening? Is it because of a bad WSDL? or is it a 
bug in Axis 1.3 (and Axis 1.4)
Note: Axis 1.1 is working perfectly fine here....



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