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From "Chathura Herath" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] setOperationContext() question
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 19:27:32 GMT
Hi Michele ,

On 5/26/06, Michele Mazzucco <> wrote:
> Hi Chathura,
> so now my questions are:
> 1 - What happens if the response doesn't follow the in-out MEP but it is
> created from scratch by a new ServiceClient?, I think my informations
> are lost, am I right (but I could save the message context and correlate
> the request and reply message through message id)?

Service client has few methods such as sendreceive, fireandforget, etc
and meps are built into those methods. So if you can say which method
are you using or paste a piece of code. I could try to clarify things
for you. I still do not understand you are trying to do. You shouldn't
have to corelate request and responce because such corelation is done
inside the ServiceClient using return parameters or callbacks.

> 2 - What happens if the MEP is in-out? Are the request and reply message
> context the same?

Ok here is a bit of background. for one invocateon there is only *one*
Operation Context. Could have many message contexts. If the MEP in in
out; then there are two message contexts and one operation context
that it will be attached to. Boththe message contexts will return the
same operation context object if you call getoperationcontext on both
of them. So i believe this answers your second question, which is NO
there are two messsage contexts.
> Thanks,
> Michele
Chathura Herath

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