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From "Michael Schwarz" <>
Subject Axis 1.2 on FC5 (was: Rude newbie question)
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 19:06:24 GMT
Thank you for this. I think it gives me a path out of the difficulty.

Michael Schwarz

> Hi Michael,
> Apparently, after a quick look at the source code, Axis relies on an
> org.apache.axis.components.compiler.AbstractCompiler to perform the
> compilation. It turns out that there are currently only two
> concretisations of this: Javac (the default) and Jikes.
>  From what I can see, the Jikes class calls an executable on the command
> line (not that I would recommend that), so it should be quite
> straightforward to adapt it to call gcj (well... in theory).
> However, I've done a few quick tests (outside Axis) and gcj doesn't seem
> to compile everything that Sun's javac handles yet (I'm using version
> 4.1.1 of gcj). Interfacing the Eclipse compiler might be a better bet.
> Presumably, it's also possible to have a
> org.apache.axis.components.compiler.EclipseCompiler that could call the
> compiler directly.
> I would expect an application such as Axis/Tomcat to gain a lot from a
> just-in-time compiler, so if you manage to have it running with gcj,
> some benchmarks would be really interesting.
> Regards,
> Bruno.
> Michael Schwarz wrote:
>> Taking Robert's advice, I will post the stack trace from catalina.out:
>> java.lang.RuntimeException: No compiler found in your classpath!  (you
>> may
>> need to add 'tools.jar')
>>    at org.apache.axis.components.compiler.Javac.<init> (
>> I guess my next stop would have to be to grab the axis source tarball
>> and
>> see how it decides what class to call for a java compiler, because
>> everything else in Fedora Core 5 calls the eclipse java compiler (which
>> is
>> ALSO on my classpath)
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