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From Martin Wunderlich <>
Subject Re[2]: Problems deploying with AdminClient
Date Sat, 06 May 2006 16:15:44 GMT
Hi Siamak,

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I am still using Axis 1.3, so it
wouldn't be related to Axis 2, I guess.



> Hello Martin.

> As far as I know the AdminClient was used by Axis to deploy a service.
> With Axis2 the deploying has slightly changed.

> Please go through the User's Manual to see how to deploy a service.


> You will see that you have some options:
> 1) create an aar-archive and put it in the WEB-INF/services directory of
> the axis2 webapp
> 2) create an aar-archive and upload it through the Administration UI
> 3) place the content of the aar-archive "unpacked" into the 
> WEB-INF/services/${YOUR_SERVICE} directory

> The third option is usefull if you have a lot jars placed in the 
> lib-directory of you service because the Axis2 ClassLoader is very slow
> while loading jars inside aars ;-)

> I hope I could help you,

> Siamak Haschemi

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