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From <>
Subject AW: [Axis2] Migration
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 14:48:14 GMT

your answer helped me a lot. Thanks!!

> 1. We've found that the Ant task needs the jars inside the ant lib
> folder so the easiest solution will be to copy the axis2 lib into the
> ant lib directory. do an ant -diagnostics and see whether ant has
> picked up the classes just to be sure :)
I use Eclipse, so I had added the libraries in Preferences | Ant | Runtime |
Classpath and now it works. I don't understand why this is now necessary
because in Axis 1 this was not needed.

> 2. Our ant task is somewhat primitive so it does not allow the
> mappings to be nested as in the old ant task. As for the attribute
> please include the string "namespace=package" seperated by commas.
> example
>  <codegen
> namespacetopackages=",http://myns=org.myns" />
This works for me.

> We do understand that this needs to be improved. We'll soon improve
> the ant task, to the user friendly level of the Axis1 ant task
Do you know approximately the next release date?

> 3. oops ! we do not support getting the username,password through the
> messagecontext directly. In the servlet case you'll need to access the
> Constants.Configuration.TRANSPORT_IN_URL property in the message
> context to get the request URL
I can't follow you in this point. Do you mean it is not possible to get
username, password and IP address in an Axis 2 Handler class. In Axis 1.2.4
I used this to implement logging and authentication. I really need this


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