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From "Cella Laurent" <>
Subject Retrieving Attachments in AXIS 2. rel 1.0
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 14:20:12 GMT
Hi Dear Axis Users and Contributors.

Before to create a JRA Issue about this topic, I prefer present it briefly
in a mail ( cause maybe this bug is not a bug but a misunderstanding ).

I developed a Service with AXIS 2 release 0.95 wich involves SOAP with
attachment requests.
To implement this, I used Axis 2 Online user guide :

It works well except for encoding problems ( not the subject of this email
So with 0.95 it is ok. I got my attachments from a MessageContext property
and retrieving content ids in my input AXIOM element.

The problems occurs when i switched to release 1.0

I used the guide at this link :

So there were packages refactoring, and now there is an Attachment class
wich replaces old MimeHelper.

When i have :
Attachments attachments = (Attachments)
The result is null.

When i make :
for (Iterator it = msgcts.getProperties().keySet().iterator(); it.hasNext();
System.out.println("property name : " + (String);
I obtain nothing, the property map is empty.

I noticed the mechanism to transmit / build MessageContext seems to have
The method init( MessageContext ) is no longer used, and has been replaced
by setOperationContext(OperationContext oc).

I am using a client based on javax.mail and HttpClient packages.

I have tested the same requests with this client targeting a server using
0.95 API and its works fine, but, when I am targeting a server using 1.00
API no attachments in MessageContext transmitted.

All the configuration things seems the same...
If U consider it is worthy to submit a JRA about it with more concrete data,


Laurent CELLA
Inexbee Software



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