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From Kathy Chan <>
Subject How to use Java2WsdlAntTask.setMethods to specify overloaded methods
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:31:55 GMT

I would like to find out how I could use the Java2WsdlAntTask.setMethods() 
to specify overload methods.  For example if I have an Echo bean that is 
the following:

package echo;

public class Echo
  public String hello ( String name )
    return name;
   public int hello ( int i )
    return i;

How do I use Java2WsdlAntTask.setMethods() to specify only exposing hello 
(int) but not hello (String)?

Here's the javadoc:

     * If this option is specified, only the indicated methods in your
     * interface class will be exported into the WSDL file.  The methods 
     * must be comma separated.  If not specified, all methods declared in
     * the interface class will be exported into the WSDL file
     * @param methods list of methods


Kathy Chan,

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