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Subject changing xmlns:soapenc from "" to "" fixes my problem?
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 18:16:17 GMT

<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">All,</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">I am using weblogic 9's test client generator
to generate a simple UI for business analysts to test the functionality of my web service.
&nbsp;Trouble is, the WSDL file that AXIS generates causes this application to blow up
with the following exception:</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">&nbsp;</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif"><b>WsdlParseFailedException: Could not
find schema for namespace</b></font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">I am a little confused by this. &nbsp;When
I change the <b>xmlns:soapenc</b> value in the line below to &quot;;
&nbsp;(see below), it works like a champ. &nbsp;I don't profess to know everything
about xml. &nbsp;Can someone please explain this to me?</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Regards,</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Joshua</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">&lt;wsdl:definitions targetNamespace=&quot;http://hcnu447fnmz:7001/webservice2/services/ConsumerService&quot;
xmlns:apachesoap=&quot;; xmlns:impl=&quot;http://hcnu447fnmz:7001/webservice2/services/ConsumerService&quot;
xmlns:tns1=&quot;; xmlns:wsdl=&quot;;
xmlns:wsdlsoap=&quot;; xmlns:xsd=&quot;;&gt;</font>
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