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From "Holden, Robert M (Robert)" <>
Subject Can AXIS read a WSDL object from an XML file?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 18:14:09 GMT
Since my AXIS 1.2 client also needs to read/write, using XML, several of my wsdl2java objects
it seems to me the conversion capability AXIS has internally should be perfect for the job.
 I already figured out how to serialize those objects, but remain stumped on deserialization.
 I hope someone can prove me wrong, but it seems to me, for deserialization, AXIS support
for XML is restricted to SOAP messages.


For reference, here is my XML serialization code which does work:

        MessageContext msgContext = new MessageContext(new AxisServer());


        Writer stringWriter = new StringWriter();

        SerializationContext serializeContext = new SerializationContext(stringWriter, msgContext);


        TypeDesc typeDesc = myObject.getTypeDesc();

        serializeContext.serialize(typeDesc.getXmlType(), null, myObject, typeDesc.getXmlType(),
Boolean.FALSE, Boolean.FALSE );



Thanks in advance for any de-serialization suggestions!  My attempt to use DeserializationContext
was unsuccessful.



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