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From "Weston, Toby" <>
Subject RE: [Axis2] Asynchronous client calls to asynchronous BPEL proces s
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 07:49:17 GMT
Hope you don't mind the 'bump' folks but I'd be interested in *any* comments
on calling BPEL based services from Axis2. 

Thanks :)

Weston, Toby wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Has anyone successfully made a call to a asynchronous BPEL process?
> I'm using Axis 0.95 and Oracle BPEL process manager but it doesn't
> seem to work as expected. I'm using a blocking dual client from
> within a servlet, it creates the WS-addressing headers fine and makes
> the request getting the acknowledgment, but the BPEL flow just tells
> me that the callback to the client was "skipped", it didn't fail (at
> the BPEL end) but the client never receives the callback. The
> temporary service __ANONYMOUS_SERVICE__/__OPERATION_OUT_IN__ on port
> 6060 is operational (I can't think of a way to intercept it the
> message with TCPMonitor for example, though).        
> I tried against two different versions of BPEL (latest on OC4J and
> slightly earlier version on Weblogic) and they behave slightly
> different (both don't work). The client works against the Axis ECHO
> sample so I'm wondering if there is a known problem with BPEL?   
> As a side point, the Axis ECHO sample that uses WS-addressing; is
> this really a synchronous process? I mean to say that the WSDL looks
> synchronous and non-Axis clients seem to be able to call it in a
> synchronous way... how is this testing a dual client? Are there any
> public asynchronous services (non-BPEL!) that I can test against?   
> Thanks in advance for any pointers or suggestions :)
> All the best,
> Toby

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