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From "Xinjun Chen" <>
Subject [Axis2] Client side configuration parameters
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 10:10:41 GMT
When testing the Axis2 0.94 security module, I have some questions
regarding client side configuration. I raised the following question
after reading the webpage

1. The page mentions that client side configuration parameters can be
set in the axis2.xml of the client's Axis2 repository.
My question is is this referring to the directory
\axis2-std-0.94-bin\repository\services ?
It is initially empty. What will be the root element in the client
respository axis2.xml? Could you help me to get some sample client
side configuration?

2. If a developer only downloaded WAR distribution and put the war
inside the Tomcat webapps folder. Can he/she still configure the
client side? How?

3. The page mentioned per service level security configuration. Could
you also provided some details? My understanding is that the security
configuration (security policy and security information) will be read
by the WSDoAllHandler inside the security.module. I checked both
WSDoAllSender and WSDoAllReceiver, but could not figure out where how
can WSDoAllHandler find out the security configuration file.

4. As for the PasswordCallbackClass, is it possible to use the same
PasswordCallbackClass for both client and server if I combine the
client and server into the Axis2 installation in Tomcat?

5. Does Axis2 security module allow plain username and password for
authentication? Can I specify the username and password inside the


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