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From "Thomas Van de Velde" <>
Subject [axis2] Setting EndPoint in Module -> nullpointer
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 17:07:19 GMT

I am trying to set the endpointreference in a module so that the client code
does not need to be aware of the endpoint details.  The goal is that  this
module takes over responsibility of  setting the endpoint.

When taking out options.setTo(...) from the client, I get an error
indicating that the transport cannot be determined.("Cannot infer transport
information from the URL information provided")  I've fixed this by setting
the TransportIn and TransportOut options.  Now Axis is able to determine the
transport details.  However I am getting now getting a nullpointer exception
in AxisEngine.send() line 544.

I am using axis2 v0.95

Client options:

            Options options = new Options();
            options.setTranportOut(new TransportOutDescription(new QName(

Handler code:

public void invoke(MessageContext msgContext) throws AxisFault {
    public static EndpointReference EPR = new EndpointReference(

All the rest of the configuration (axis2.xml and module.xml) is identical to
the LoggingModule sample.

I guess this should be raised as a JIRA issue.  Anything I can do to get
past the nullpointer?


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