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From Carmine Gargiulo <>
Subject Re: https ...but how?
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 14:05:40 GMT
ehm..sorry for my english. I'm italian.

I hope in your answers. Thanx

Carmine Gargiulo has wrote:
> Hi guys,
> i fave 3 actors:
> 1) user that from his house go in my web-site
> 2) web-site that pick user's requests (client of a local net)
> 3) server-web with web-services (with Axis 1.3 over Tomcat 5)
> I have a local net with 1 computer with the web-site (user from home 
> on his browser go to the ip of this computer)
> External accesses are possibile only to this computer and not directly 
> to web-server with web-services.
> The web-services send to client of this local net (the web-site where 
> user is with his browser) a xml-file with datas.
> Client, with jsp page, get datas into xml file and create a new html 
> page into local temp folder. Then client force a page-forward to this 
> new page.
> My problem is that these data are very reserved and important. Then I 
> MUST guarantee the security.
> I know that i can do it with https connection but i don't understand how.
> I have uncommented the https rows of the tomcat configuration 
> file........but other?
> please help me, is a work very urgent :(
> Thanx in advance
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