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From Florian Rengers <>
Subject Re: DIME and MTOM with WSE
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:20:00 GMT
Thanks Bob,

did you definitive reached the MTOM encoded communication between an 
AXIS2 service and a .NET WSE 3.0 client or do you know someone who did?


DeRemer, Bob schrieb:

>>>From an interop standpoint, you should stick to .NET 2.0 + WSE 3.0 + MTOM on
>the .NET side.  DIME is not going to be supported going forward in the MS
>land.  The other alternative - from a .NET standpoint would be using WinFX
>and the WCF [Windows Communication Framework] aka Indigo.  WCF is
>Microsoft's communication unification and has the best WS-* support. 
>If your .NET platform requirements can be XP SP2 or later, then I would be
>looking at WinFX.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Florian Rengers [] 
>Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 9:06 AM
>Subject: DIME and MTOM with WSE
>Hi SOAPies,
>I wrote a JAX-WS Service and a WSE 3.0 .NET Client.
>But there seems to be a compatibility problem exchanging MTOM encoded data.
>So I think about using AXIS instead of JAX-WS.
>I know that AXIS and .NET are theoretical compatible using DIME or MTOM.
>But what about the practice?
>So before I port my JAX-WS service to AXIS I have to know if there is 
>someone out there who has definitive reached a binary attachment data 
>exchange from an AXIS Service to a WSE .NET Client.
>Can someone say that?
>And when yes, with which technologies
>AXIS 1.x, WSE 2.0 and DIME
>     OR
>AXIS 2.x WSE 3.0 and MTOM
>Best Regards

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