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From "Sebastian J. Schultheiss" <>
Subject [Axis2] 0.95 CallbackHandler in client generated from WSDL
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 15:42:26 GMT

we are having some problems with the asynchronous execution of our
auto-generated client. The service is called SVMHCService, the operation is
called predictEpitopes.

We successfully wrote and ran a synchronous service that gives back the results
we want. However, the asynchronous call stays quiet. The Callback Handler is
created, but the methods receiveResult... and receiveError... are never called.

Did we do anything wrong with calling the service? This is our main method:

try {
  PredictEpitopesRequestDocument request_doc = getQuery();
  SVMHCServicePortCallbackHandler callback = new SVMHCServicePortCallbackHandler
	(new Object()) {           };
  SVMHCServicePortStub sender = new SVMHCServicePortStub
  sender.startpredictEpitopes(request_doc, callback);
} catch (AxisFault axisFault) {
} catch (Exception e) {

Thanks a lot for your time.

-- Sebi

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