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From Siamak Haschemi <>
Subject [Axis2] Generation of Keystores
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 14:39:21 GMT
Hello everybody.

I successfully can use the security example. Within this example there 
is the keystore which ist used. I start with the example and try to 
generate my own keystore but I have no luck. Can somebody give me the 
lines to write down the console to get a keystore simmilar to the 
"sec.jks" in the "secUtil.jar" of the security example.

By the way I got a question on the security example:

The keystore listing shows that there are two private/public keys in the 
keystore and two signed and accepted certificates. Am I right?

Keystore-Typ: jks
Keystore-Provider: SUN

Ihr Keystore enthõlt 4 Eintrõge.

alice, 04.06.2005, keyEntry,
Zertifikatsfingerabdruck (MD5): 
root, 04.06.2005, trustedCertEntry,
Zertifikatsfingerabdruck (MD5): 
ca, 04.06.2005, trustedCertEntry,
Zertifikatsfingerabdruck (MD5): 
bob, 04.06.2005, keyEntry,
Zertifikatsfingerabdruck (MD5): 

The security example uses this keystore for both the client and the 
server. My question now is how to produce two different keystores for 
alice and bob each containing the private/public key and the certificate 
(including the public key) of the other. something like this:

Keystore for Alice:
- Private/Public Key of Alice
- Certificate of Bob

Keystore for Bob:
- Private/Public Key of Bob
- Certificate of Alice

Does Axis2 works this such a scenario?

Thank you,

Siamak Haschemi

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