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From Martin Wunderlich <>
Subject Re[2]: Problem using deployed Axis web services
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 10:25:20 GMT
Thanks a lot, Dies, for your detailed explanation! I understand the
principles behind the workings of WSDL2Java much better now. This
whole thing has cost me the better part of an entire week. Then again,
it's my own fault for not having checked the actual method
I'm off defining my interfaces now...

All the best,


> Hello Martin,

> WSDL2Java creates a template for the impl file for your convenience. All
> methods with a return value are generated with "return null;" or some 
> primitive value so that they compile. WSDL2Java will not copy the method
> body from your original class.

> Note that actually the idea when you start with a Java class is that you
> start with an interface (no method bodies), use Java2WSDL to generate a
> WSDL, then use WSDL2Java to generate the server-side interface and a 
> template in which you fill the method bodies.

> Although Java2WSDL allows you to specify a concrete class (not 
> interface) as input interface, it treats it as an interface (i.e. does
> not look at the methods' bodies, decompile them and copy the source into
> the generated impl file's method bodies).

> The WSDL defines the interface of your web service. Therefore, it is not
> strange to lose your method implementations in the Java->WSDL->Java 
> conversions.

> Regards,
> Dies

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