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From "Marshall, John" <>
Subject [Axis2] Client-within-server problems
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 07:31:12 GMT
I'm trying to develop a request-reply web service, rather like in Figure
4 on this website:

To do this I'm essentially writing a synchronous web service to do the
first request-ack interaction.
During the processing I launch a new thread that is effectively a client
for the other end. I want to send the response document (which may have
taken some time to obtain) back to the other end.

I have the WSDL of the other end and used it to create a client stub. I
can send my response document to the other end and get the ack back from
it. However, my Stub ALWAYS crashes within the 

With a NullPointerException. 
I've dug around a bit and it seems to be caused by the
createSOAPMessage() method of the TransportUtils class - the inStream is
always null.

I'm guessing there is something clever I have to do with
message/operation/configuration contexts, but I can't figure it out!
The really weird thing is that despite the AxisFault being thrown, the
document still gets sent!

Can anyone advise what I have to do to be able to behave like a client
within an AxisService?

Thanks for any light you can shed,
John M.

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