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From "Chris Smith" <>
Subject Re: Generating Web Service with Axis 1.3
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:19:20 GMT
Daniel Destro wrote:
> Axis code generation process seems to be a little bit cumbersome,
> because, first of all, I have to create the WSDL, then the
> server-side classes are generated from the WSDL. It would be much
> easier if we could do it with only one single step and it could also
> use my original business class instead of make me add code to
> delegate the calls from the XXXImpl class to the business class.

If you already have both the WSDL and the implementation classes, then you 
don't need to use WSDL2Java at all.  Instead, you would just write a WSDD 
file pointing to your existing WSDL and Java code.  You would need to 
include type mappings in that file, potentially using bean serializers or 
even custom serializers if your data classes are not beans.  This will not 
be a trivial process, since you need to match your existing code to the 
existing WSDL interface, and there may be problems on either side.

WSDL2Java is meant to generate Java code, if it doesn't already exist... for 
example, if you've built the interface specification first as a WSDL file 
and a set of related XSDs, and then you want to build an implementation from 

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