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From Mr Rob Shepherd <>
Subject axis threading
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 11:34:13 GMT

I am evaluating axis for a number of projects.

I have sucessfully deployed axis on jetty 5 and tested a simple jws 
object. This query may be an issue with jetty, so I apologise if this is 
the case.

I dropped in a calculator  object with just add and subtract methods.

In testing I noticed the service is provided without multithreading. 
However strangely this only appears to be 'per' method. If I make both 
methods consume 10 seconds say, subsequent requests to the same method 
will block. Likewise with the other method, however it has an independent 
request queue to the first.

Strangley also, a new instance of the calculator is made upon every 
request. I don't understand then why these standalone instances cannot be 

Some questions...

Is there some docs to describe this behaviour?
It this only an issue with jws scripts?
How can I multi thread my objects?
additionally, can I get access to the http basic auth credentials from my 
axis ws?

Incidentally, I have configured jetty to use axis with listener thread 
pool size min and max values. I don't know whether there is some other 
config for this. The jetty list is my next stop.

Thanks for any insight,


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