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From "Niels Baloe" <>
Subject An RFC example needed!
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 16:46:47 GMT
Hi all,

I have a problem.

Last week I needed to implement a webservice, I saw Apache SOAP, heared some 
good things about it, so I used it to implement my webservice, and it worked 
quite fine in no-time. Then I needed to do things with a WSDL and I found 
out about Apache Axis. Hmmm, well, so I shifted to Axis. No big problems, 
one day later Axis was running the thing, and I could generate a WSDL (and 
back) too. Note: why the heck doesn't the Apache SOAP frontpage say: "DON't 
USE THIS, USE AXIS INSTEAD!" I recommend it.....

Anyway, now I have to communicate with a .NET service. So I've set the 
communication to 'wrapped', and thanks to some text-based java-code I 
already had (because the Axis exception doesn't say anything else then 
'null'!!-- it should just wrap the HTTP response which contains the textual 
error from the server!!!!), I found out that .NET needs a specific name as 
the first argument of the function instead of the automatic 'arg0' (grrr), 
and that it needed capitals in some header stuff. So today I wrote a custom 
serialiser too to provide the capitals in the header. Pfffff. And it works 
quite fine in the text-only tester (sending exactly what Axis generates), 
but not in Axis. Why? The only difference in the two messages (text and 
Axis) is HTTP/1.1 versus HTTP/1.0. And I suspect it is a shared IP. Anyway, 
I didn't succeed in changing the header to 1.1 inside Axis...

So, today I found out about Axis2. Yes, a bit stupid yes, but then again, 
why doesn't the Axis1 frontpage say anything about it (the first line would 
be a nice place;) ). But, Axis2 has a different way of deploying, and 
currently I first want to get an example running. But, there are no examples 
that use the word 'call' or that throw around an object. [ Note: I can't use 
Axis1 and Axis2 together as well, because of a namespace-clash with the 
logging, so I have to switch to Axis2 in the end. ] Anyway, does anyone have 
an example? Yes I know about the user guide examples, but these do not 
demonstrate something with sending and receiving objects. We are not in the 
stone ages, I'm not going to parse a tree myself, I need objects. I just 
need an example like the 'address' example in ApacheSOAP/Axis1.4, which has 
a class Address {..} which is thrown around....

PS. Another thing: why doesn't the Java2WSDL contain a main() anymore? It's 
quite convenient.

Thank you very much for any advice. Either an example, or notifying of how 
to set Axis1.4 to HTTP/1.1 would be really very great!

All the best,

Niels Gorisse

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