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From <>
Subject Unwanted namespace caching in WSDL
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 17:23:24 GMT

We have noticed unwanted behavior in Axis and are trying to determine if
there is a workaround. =20

When we hit the server-side WSDL page (e.g.
http://servername:7001/contextname/services/SomeService?wsdl) we may do
so using http or https or even by way of proxy using tcpmon.  If we do
that and if the WSDL is being served up for the first time, Axis seems
to cache portions of this WSDL request and leaves it reflected in the

So in the above case, we have noticed https instead of http.  We have
also noticed some other port instead of 7001.  We wouldn't mind the
performance hit of regenerating the WSDL each time, but are unsure if
there is a flag which provides us this capability.

Any thoughts from the folks on this list?

Thank in advance.


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