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From "Ruchith Fernando" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] wss4j
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 12:53:15 GMT
Hi Rob,

> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
> I can see that this class is in wss4j-SNAPSHOT.jar, which in turn is in my
> security.mar in the modules directory. Extracting the jar into the lib
> directory seems to solve the problem, but presumably that isn't the right
> thing to do?

No, you should not have to do that.

In your scenario only the security module should contain the
wss4j-SNAPSHOT.jar in its 'lib' directory and you should not be
required to add it to your classpath separately. This sounds like a
module classloading problem.... Deepal what do you think?

Also can you send the complete stack trace of
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

> The client code to set the configurationContext seemed to be for a version
> other than 0.94. My attempt looks like this:
>  ConfigurationContextFactory ccf = new ConfigurationContextFactory();
>  ConfigurationContext ctx =
> ccf.createConfigurationContextFromFileSystem("C:/axis2");
>   _serviceClient = new org.apache.axis2.client.ServiceClient(ctx, _service);
> (Just to get things working, I dropped this straight into the PurchasingStub
> constructor generated by wsdl2java. C:/axis2 is where I unzipped axis. It
> contains axis2.xml and subdirectories lib, modules etc.)
> The client classpath includes all the jars in the lib directory, but I
> haven't set anything else specifically in the environment when the client
> runs.

To create a configuration context you have to give the path to an
axis2 _repository_ to the createConfigurationContextFromFileSystem()
method. NOT the place where you extracted Axis2.

There has been a considerable amount of changes from 0.94 and I'd
strongly recommend you to try the latest SVN head or checkout ht e0.95
release which will be out in a few days.


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